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coastal Engineering


The planning, engineering, and design of structures along the shoreline of rivers, estuaries, harbors, and oceans. It is a unique and challenging discipline as designs must consider the effects of the harsh environment on the structures, for example from wind and wave forces or corrosion. Designs must also consider the impact of the structures on the natural environment. New or revised coastal structures have to consider a variety of possible impacts, from changes in sedimentation rates, to wave reflection or absorption, and even possible disturbances to Essential Fish Habitats. Our experience can prevent an owner from advancing an unpermittable project. We will help you stay on the right path from concept through construction.

Specific types of Coastal Engineering where BlueShore Engineering can assist you:



1” = 100’

Piers, wharves, pile-supported structures, cantilever and tied-back bulkheads, harbor walks, breakwaters, rip-rap and other revetments, boat launch ramps.



1” = 50’

Wind and wave analysis, tidal surge modeling, flood modeling, coastal erosion hazard analysis, sedimentation and erosion, FEMA Coastal Construction requirements.



1” = 20’

Planning the design of structures with sacrificial thickness, cathodic protection, and protective coatings to reduce maintenance requirements and minimize the lifecycle costs of building and maintaining the structure through its design life.

MARINE Engineering


BlueShore Engineering has helped a number of owners design and build their Marina to meet their needs. You might just need a simple low-freeboard dock for launching your single scull on flat calm mornings on the Housatonic, but we have also designed complex commercial marina renovations, including wave attenuators, ship to shore power, pumpout systems, and boat lift bays.

Our understanding of the difficulty of the permitting process, the environmental forces, and the needs of different vessel types and sizes can help you design the perfect marina for your budget and design life. Our expertise in Coastal Engineering can be applied during the planning stages to minimize siltation, avoiding costly future dredging projects



Your waterfront property is more than just a lawn, a bulkhead, and the water; It is the connection from the land to the water. It provides a means for industry to transfer goods from land to water; It is how you and your friends go from sitting by the pool to cruising Long Island Sound; It is a place to relax and watch the sun set behind the Statue of Liberty while others bike along the greenway.

An effective coastal site plan considers the commercial, industrial, and recreational connection between the land and water. It considers how to combine many varied uses at the one location where land and water meet. It considers the impact to the environment. It considers public access and safety.

BlueShore Engineering has the experience to help you plan your waterfront property. From design of the structures and marinas, public access, and vessel mooring, to site utilities. We have worked with many award-winning landscape architects to bring aesthetic value, art, and beauty to your site through proper native plantings, hardscapes, interpretive signage, wetlands protection and mitigation, and even original artworks.

Hudson River


We are honored to participate as members of the Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines Advisory Committee (HRNERR). Appropriate design and regulation of engineered shorelines is a significant part of preserving natural fisheries resources, bird habitat, water quality, and public access to the waterfront. This committee's efforts provide guidance and coordination among the many regulators, consultants, and stakeholders on our Hudson River shoreline.



Our experience includes many types of coastal design projects, from ship lift piers for hauling ships to land for repairs, kayak beaches for comfortable launching at parks, and simple rip-rap shoreline protection to reduce erosion problems while dissipating waves and minimizing wave reflection. The following are examples of our experience in coastal design:



Staten Island, NY

Design and permitting of repairs to cellular sheetpile cofferdams.

Graphic image of USCG STATION NY


Staten Island, NY

Design of seawall, pier, and dock improvements, and a breakwater / wave screen extension to improve inner harbor wave conditions.

Graphic image of USCG Station Jones Beach

USCG Station Jones Beach

Freeport. NY

Design of dredging and new waterfront structures, including bulkheads, ship lift piers for a 35 ton straddle lift, breakwater replacement, and a new riprap revetment for flood resiliency.

Graphic image of USCG Station Shinnecock

USCG Station Shinnecock

Hampton Bays, NY

Design of dredging and new waterfront structures, including bulkheads, ship lift piers for a 35 ton straddle lift, and breakwater replacement.

Graphic image of USCG Station Fire Island

USCG Station Fire Island

Babylon, NY

Design of breakwater extensions and floating dock pile extensions.

Graphic image of USCG Station Newport

USCG Station Newport

Middletown, RI

Design of steel sheet pile bulkheads, fendering and mooring for 225' USCG WLB Buoy Tenders.

Graphic image of USCG Station Pascagoula

USCG Station Pascagoula

Pascagoula, MS

Design and environmental permitting of mooring and fendering for 154' USCG Fast Response Cutters.

Graphic image of Dyckman Street Marina

Dyckman Street Marina

Manhattan, NY

Structural design of marina docks, pile anchorage, upland marina amenities and restaurant structures. Environmental permitting of marina renovations.

Graphic image of USCG Station Charleston

USCG Station Charleston

Charleston, SC

Design of mooring testing, fender replacement, and composite fiber repairs to the existing pier.

Graphic image of USCG Station Fairport

USCG Station Fairport

Fairport, OH

Design and environmental permitting of bulkhead repairs, floating docks, and ship lift piers for new 35-ton straddle lift.

Graphic image of USCG Station Eaton’s Neck

USCG Station Eaton’s Neck

Northport, NY

Design of bulkhead repairs, boat ramp, and wharf.

Graphic image of Cupecoy Yacht Club

Cupecoy Yacht Club

Sint Maarten, NA

Design and specification of a fendering system for this Luxury and Mega-Yacht marina.

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